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AFK Today 1/12/2024


What is going on my friends? This week on AFK Today, we’re talking about game releases and announcements. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys so you’ll have to scroll down and see what games are cooking up this year. As always, we always have those Steam sales for you too and this week is no exception.



Helldivers 2 Coming February 8 and Specs Announced

Image credits to Arrowhead Games Studios

In anticipation of Helldivers 2 releasing next month, we now know what PC requirements players will be needing as a good baseline to play. For minimum specs we are looking at a recommended 8gb of ram and GTX 1050 ti or equivalent. Not too bad for a next gen game, which should help more people reach the game on lower end PC’s. The size of the game is a bit large at 100gb but hopefully with the reduced pricing of large storage ssd’s, that shouldn’t be a stop gap for too many people. If you want to see a few new features for the game, check out this PC overview trailer here.


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Release January 18th

Image credits to Broderbund

It's been a while since a notable Prince of Persia was released, so Lost Crown should be a great new addition to the series. This side scrolling RPG will be implementing platforming with time stopping elements found in the previous games. Think old-school Castlevania with Persian mythological enemies and the famous Sands of Time to help you on your journey. Keep an eye out for this to drop next week!


Cyberpunk Sequel: Orion

Image credits to CD Projekt Red

As the new year begins, CD Projekt Red will begin to shift its focus from Cyberpunk 2077 to their upcoming sequel, Orion. In a recent tweet from Cyberpunks narrative director, Igor Sarzyński stated “First day in the Boston office! So good to meet old friends and officially kickstart our Orion journey. I couldn't be more excited for this project and I'm sure we can make it something special. 2077 was just a warm-up.” I think we can all agree that the statement may be slightly controversial following the horrific launch of the game itself back in 2020. They did, however, have a solid comeback with the release of several updates and the latest DLC, Phantom Liberty. We are certainly curious to see how the sequel will evolve from the so-called "warm-up" of Cyberpunk 2077.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Steam

The Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest is rolling on into the weekend, catering to all you world builders out there! Whether you're into simulation, strategy, or just looking for some casual gaming fun, we've got a lineup we’d like to share with you. Best of luck gamers!

Anno 1800: $59.99 > $14.99

Cities: Skylines: $29.99 > $8.99

Detroit: Become Human: $39.99 > $15.99

Borderlands 3: $59.99 > $8.99

X4: Foundations: $49.99 > $19.99



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