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AFK Today 1/20/2023


How are all of you doing on this fine Friday? We are kicking off this week’s newsletter with issues regarding Microsoft Game Development Studios and Ubisoft. It seems like working at these huge gaming corporations has its repercussions. Check out what’s been going on right now regarding those two gaming companies. On a more positive note, we have a sneak peek on what we think are the best budget pre-built gaming PCs on the market right now! Let’s get into it!



Major Layoffs For Microsoft Game Development Studios

Image credits to NPR

10,000 workers from various sections of Microsoft are going to be kicked to the curb in the near future. This has been confirmed to include Xbox sectors, Halo’s 343 industries, and Bethesda. Gamerant also mentions that 343 will be hit especially hard. No doubt this comes from the less than stellar handling of the Halo franchise, as well as the fleeting playerbase from Halo Infinite. It is certainly a common phenomena in modern gaming that over-monetized and under-developed games leads to poor reputation and declining sales. A problem that unfortunately leads to even more monetization schemes. But it looks like Microsoft management was biting off more than it could chew with the Activision Blizzard acquisition, and the development studios have to take the hit for it.


Ubisoft Workers Plan to Strike after CEO Comments

Image credits to Ubisoft

Continuing the trend of mistreated development teams, the French office of Ubisoft in Paris has prepared to go on strike January 27th in response to Ubisoft CEO Guillemot’s incendiary statements during an interview. The general statements included the Ubisoft CEO calling out the general Ubisoft development staff for not making deadlines and production quotas. This was clearly calling for staff reductions and more studio closures to decrease inefficiencies in staffing. The Paris Studio quickly responded, saying that the statements called for more managerial mistreatment and pressure. The strike is demanding two base changes; a 10% raise in pay and a 4 day work week. See more about the situation at GamesIndustry.


Product Reviews

Budget Pre-Built Gaming PC Review Sneak Peek

Image credits to CyberPowerPC

This week, we have great news for anyone looking to start off their PC gaming experience! For those that want the best budget pre-built gaming PC out there, we wanted to help lead you in the right direction. Check out our article on the Best Budget Pre-Built Gaming PC and let us know what you think.


Game Sales

Steam Gaming Sales

Image credits to Capcom

We got some sick deals this week in the Steam store with the Rockstar Publisher sale going on as well as kicking off the lunar new year sales event. If you're looking for a great new single or multiplayer game this is the week for you!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: $39.99 > $7.99 Devil May Cry 5: $29.99 > $9.89 Astroneer: $29.99 > $14.99 It Takes Two: $39.99 > $14.79 Kena: Bridge of Spirits: $39.99 > $19.99 Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition: $49.99 > $16.49



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