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AFK Today 1/27/2023


How’s it going, gamers? This week on AFK Today we have some new announcements from Xbox and Bethesda including some fan favorites like Minecraft, and Elder Scrolls Online content. Another game awards is around the corner with Game Developer’s International Choice Awards. Will Elden Ring win another award? Lastly, the Dead Space Remake is out and so far, the reviews have been pretty positive. Let’s dive into it!



Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

Image credits to Xbox Wire

Check out all the new games and projects in the works over at Xbox’s official website. New announcements include Forza, Minecraft Legends, Redfall, and more Elder Scrolls Online content. Additional video showcases can be seen on Youtube. While it isn’t the craziest series of announcements, it's good to see things in the works for fans of any of the series. Let us know if you guys have anything you are most interested in from this showcase!


2023 Game Developer’s International Choice Awards

Image credits to GDC

Looks like we are getting back into the game awards mindset, with the International Choice Awards announcing their nominees from the entire line-up of games in 2022. Check out GDC for a comprehensive list of all the nominations. We have definitely spoken about this topic to death, so let’s go with the safe bet on assuming that Elden Ring will probably win best game like the other award shows. But we will have to wait and see what happens.


Dead Space Remake Is Out!

Image credits to Motive Studio

The Dead Space Remake is available to play as of today, Jan 27th, and comes in a standard or deluxe edition. The sci-fi horror classic remains true to the original while being completely rebuilt from the ground up. As all remakes are typically hit or miss, the Dead Space Remake happens to enhance the original in almost every way. With improved graphics, audio and mechanics, the Dead Space Remake brings new life to the abyssal depths of space. For a deeper look into the game, check out PCGamer's in-depth review here.


Game Sales

Steam Weekly Sales

Image credits to Coffee Stain Studios

With the Base Builder Fest and Lunar New Year sales events ending soon, now is the time to grab some last minute deals. We have some fun base building games along with a couple survival games that will make or break your mental strength. On a different note, Sons of the Forest comes closer to its February release date and we are more than stoked for its arrival.

Check out more on the Steam specials page here.

Satisfactory: $29.99 > $17.99 Subnautica Deep Ocean Bundle: $59.98 > $20.23 Valheim: $19.99 > $13.99 Northguard: $29.99 > $8.99 STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order: $39.99 > $4.79



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