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AFK Today 10/14/2022


Hope you all are having a great Friday! Got some interesting news coming out of Mojang this week around which new mob they’re going to add to the game. Then we had some news leak around a potential Elden Ring update, and Blizzard reveals their plans to balance Overwatch 2. Let’s get into it.



Minecraft Mob Vote for 2022 Open Now

Image credits to Mojang Microsoft

For those of you interested in the Minecraft mob vote this year, we want to make sure you know how to get your votes in. Mojang has slightly changed how you will vote so let us help you out. Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 is currently live now and there are three new mob selections to choose from. Each one can enhance the survival game experience in a unique way. With this year's voting options, you can choose between the Sniffer, Rascal or the Tuff Golem creatures.

The Sniffer is a mysterious creature that can hatch from eggs found in ocean chests. This creature comes with new plant life and a new farming mechanic. The Rascal lives in underground dwellings and hides from prying eyes but grants good loot if found. The Tuff Golem is a custom stone statue that comes to life and will carry items for you around your base. There are 3 different ways to vote, through the Minecraft launcher, or a special Bedrock map. For more information on the mobs and how to vote, head over to PCGamesN.


Elden Ring Update?

If you thought you finally made it through the hellish battles of Elden ring, there's a possibility you might be back for more. Lance McDonald and Zullie the Witch are data miners that have been working on Elden Ring and uncovered some potential new DLC areas and updated ray tracing support via the recent patch files. Although this is mere speculation, it would be interesting to see what is in store for Elden Ring. The evidence points to possible new underground areas or side dungeon additions. For more information regarding their findings and possible theories, click here.


Overwatch 2 Balances and Changes

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

For everyone that's been playing OW2 since its debut, you might have noticed some slight un balancing in the game. There are a few champs who are slightly busted but we’ve had a great time playing so far. In recent news, Blizzard has confirmed that there will not be any significant rebalances and updates (aside from Zarya) until the second season in early December. While this might be bad news for some, this means that the developers have more time to monitor the game in its entirety. Blizzard claims they want to “ensure the overall game feels balanced and fair” which is some relatively good news. One thing we are waiting for is an updated cross-play compatibility that allows ranked play between PC and consoles. If you're curious about the possible new balances and updates click here.


Game Reviews

Darkest Dungeon Review Sneak Peek

Image credits to Red Hook Studios

Truly difficult yet enjoyable roguelike games can be very hard to find. Luckily, Red Hook studios has a game series that is sure to peak your interest. The first Darkest Dungeon game is a prime example of extreme difficulty that can only be beaten if you strategize ahead of time. Take a party of four adventurers of varying backgrounds into a worn-down, evil-infested village to discover secrets not meant to be found by mortal minds. Treasure and knowledge will be uncovered, but the cost in blood and sanity will be high. Choose which of the pawns that serve on your behalf make it out alive or get left behind with the horrors of the Darkest Dungeon. See the full review of the first game here, and keep a close eye out for the review of Darkest Dungeon II.


Game Sales

Steam Featured Sales

Image credits to BNE Entertainment

This week on the Steam home page, we have some great deals on featured games. Grab some hit indie games like Stray or Little Nightmares 2. If you're in the mood for some classics instead, don't worry we got you covered.

Stray: $29.99 > $23.99 Metro Exodus: $29.99 > $8.99 Little Nightmares II: $29.99 > $9.89 It Takes Two: $19.99 > $39.99 Borderlands 2: $19.99 > $4.99



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