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AFK Today 10/21/2022


Hope everyone is having a great Friday! The biggest story this week is definitely MW2 being released. In other news, Riot Games is making some moves and acquiring a notable studio and then we get some more news around the Resident Evil 4 remake. Let’s dive into it.



You Can Play the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Right Now

Image credits to Infinity Ward

If you happened to pre-order MW2 recently, you are able to pre-download and play the full campaign right now. No multiplayer will be available until the actual release on October 28th, but for those wanting to see how the story plays out, now is the time. A quick reminder that just like Overwatch 2, Activision is going to require a phone number to play MW2. Certainly an odd requirement which will most likely bring bad publicity from old and new fans. If you want to know more about this early preloading release or about the PC specifications to run MW2, check out PCGamer here.


Riot Games Buys World of Tanks Studio

Image credits to Riot Games

The League of Legends development studio, Riot Games, has recently purchased the Australian branch of Wargaming Sydney studio. Commonly known for maintaining the World of Tanks/Battleships games, they have been brought into Riot’s team with the goal of assisting with LoL and Valorant. I suspect that they have also been brought on to assist development of Riot’s new MMO coming later next year. Riot Games has been seeing major success around their game titles in recent years, and with a major expansion like this, we will most likely be seeing new game IPs coming in the future. Check out more from PCGamer here.


Future of The Resident Evil 4 Remake

Image credits to Capcom

After remaking the previous 2nd and 3rd Resident Evils, Capcom has been faced with some backlash regarding how the remake was executed. The remake of Resident Evil 2 was a hit and succeeded in its recreation without ruining the game. With Resident Evil 3, not so much. There were a ton of complaints about the recreation stating it was shortened and had missed opportunities. With reassurance from producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the Resident Evil 4 remake could bring the remakes back to life. Kobayashi stated that they are taking into account fans' reactions and opinions from the first 2 remakes and want to address it in the 4th. As far as we know, the length of the game should be close to the original without leaving out any major changes. After all, these classics are great games and the remakes should continue on the legacy. If you're interested in finding out more about the remake, click here.


Game Sales

Steam Special Offers

Image credits to Klei Entertainment

This week on the Steam store we have a variety of different publisher sales as well as some great classics. Check out games from the Arkane Studio sale that include Dishonored, Deathloop, Prey and several more. If you're looking for something you and the whole squad can play, check out the Jackbox Games Franchise sale up to 55% off! One of our personal favorites, Don't Starve Together is 66% off after releasing their new “A Little Drama’ and QOL update!

Don't Starve Together: $14.99 > $5.09

The Jackbox Party Pack 3: $24.99 > $18.74

Resident Evil 2: $39.99 > $11.99

Resident Evil 3: $39.99 > $11.99

Dishonored 2: $29.99 > $5.99



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