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AFK Today 10/27/2023


Happy Halloween weekend! We’re discussing our thoughts on the Blizzard acquisition from Microsoft and how that’s going to affect established and upcoming projects. The launch trailer and release date for Alan Wake 2 is out! Are you hype for Alan Wake 2? Lastly, we got some steam sales for all of y'all as well as a free game on Epic Games! That’s all we got for you this week! Stay gaming and we’ll catch up with you all next week!



Will Microsoft Revitalize Blizzard?

Image credits to Microsoft

Fans have gone through very difficult time periods for Blizzard games, with many of the declines happening under Activision’s stewardship of the development studio. Projects such as Warcraft 3 Reforged and Heroes of the Storm were disastrous for their respective playerbases, with bad decision after bad decision baffling audiences who just wanted to see their game get some type of long-term support. Overwatch 2 was also a series of catastrophic marketing decisions and poor judgements, pushing one of their greatest potential games into the gutter. We have seen that Microsoft does a good job, though relatively slow, at updating the popular game Minecraft to general positive reception. After the purchase of Blizzard, Microsoft has implemented a quick hotfix update to Heroes of the Storm, something that many fans did not believe would happen at all. Though not necessarily a certainty, it does spell that perhaps even games like Starcraft 2 will be getting content in the future. Let's wait and see if Microsoft can put some sparkle back into the awe that Blizzard games use to bring to long-time fans.



Alan Wake 2 Launch Trailer and Release Date

Image credits to Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games

You can check out the gameplay/cinematic launch trailer here. The game is out as of today and should be a great Halloween playthrough as you uncover more about the secrets of a small town obsessed with dark rituals, very reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. Everyone seems to be ready for a sequel after waiting so long from the original, and everything in the trailer looks great so far. It is available on all consoles and PC, check it out for some Halloween thrills!


The Evil Within 2: Free on Epic Games

Image credits to Tango Gameworks

If you managed to snag The Evil Within 1 earlier this week, you're in for a great gaming experience. The Evil Within 2 plunges you into a nightmarish hellscape where threats lurk around every corner. As Detective Sebastian Castellanos, you've lost everything, and the most precious of all, your daughter. With just one opportunity to dive into the unknown dangers and rescue your beloved child, the question remains: will you emerge from this nightmarish ordeal unscathed or will you succumb to the darkness? The Evil Within 2 will be free until November 2nd, so make sure to claim it now and add it to your library before it's too late.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Rebellion Developments

This weekend, we’ve got an exciting lineup of games that are on sale. Whether you're up for an underwater adventure in the depths of Subnautica or a spirited jog through the underworld, we'd be delighted if you could join us for some gaming fun.

Strange Brigade: $49.99 > $2.50 Inscription: $19.99 > $9.99 Subnautica: $29.99 > $14.99 (our review here) Hades: $24.99 > $12.49 (our review here) Alan Wake: $14.99 > $3.74



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