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AFK Today 10/28/2022


Happy Friday everyone! Biggest news for this week is surrounding Modern Warfare 2. Feels like this is the only major event happening in the gaming world right now, which is okay by us! We do have a bit of news around the next Dragon Age as well, which is certainly worth chatting about. There’s also some fun games on sale as we head into this weekend, so let’s dive into it!



MW2 Campaign and Multiplayer Out Now!

Image credits to Infinity Ward

Big news for Call of Duty fans, Modern Warfare 2 is finally available to play in its entirety. First impressions of the campaign are very good, but stay tuned for more reviews of the multiplayer experience. Time will tell if Activision Blizzard can make a worthy successor to their first Modern Warfare remake, which was enjoyed by a majority of fans. Just remember that a new $70 price tag accompanies this new Call of Duty title. Check out the store page here.


Rumors of MW2 Zombies Mode

Image credits to Infinity Ward

Most Call of Duty players will remember all the great zombie modes released throughout the years. My favorites were in Black Ops 2, especially Origins and Buried. Apparently, data miners have uncovered language in MW2’s coding that references round-based zombies and images that have since been taken down by Activision. These leaks suggest the mode may be added some time in the future alongside DLC. I can definitely see zombies being included in MW2, simply because it is COD’s most popular side game mode and MW2 is their most anticipated game in recent years. Activision is definitely trying to go big or go home, check out more on the leak at Gamerant here.


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Milestone

Image credits to BioWare

Up until now, we haven't heard a whole lot about what's to come with the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf project. Good news is, BioWare has recently confirmed that the Dreadwolf team was able to complete the “Alpha milestone” for the game. It is now playable from start to finish allowing the developers to lean their attention to details and focus on character progression, character relations and so forth. For anyone that is curious, the BioWare team plans to keep the community up to date and release development updates throughout the year. We’re excited to watch the game develop and hope that you are too. Check out PCGamer to get up to date on Dragon Age: Dreamwolf.


Game Sales

Steam Scream Fest Last Minute Sales

Image credits to Massive Monster

As we reach the end of October, we need to realize that Christmas is right around the corner. But fear not, we have some lasting Steam sales that will carry Spooktober on for a bit longer. Get hit games like Dead By Daylight or The Evil Within 2 for up to 85% off.

Cult Of The Lamb: $24.99 > $19.99 Dead By Daylight: $19.99 > $7.99 Hollow Knight: $14.99 > $7.49 Darkest Dungeon: $24.99 > $3.74



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