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AFK Today 10/6/2023


Happy October my friends! The weather may be getting colder but we always have hot news regarding gaming for you all. This week, we’ve got news and updates for Modern Warfare 3 and their addition of open world zombies. Will this iteration of zombies be better than the rest? We will have to wait and see. On top of that, the Minecraft Mob Vote is happening right now so go and check out the options for future Minecraft updates. Lastly, we’re discussing the major layoffs from Telltale games and how that’s going to affect the studio’s future releases! That’s all for this week! Stay warm and keep on gaming.



Modern Warfare 3 Release News! Open World Zombies?

Image credits to Sledgehammer Games

With a release date of November 10th, MW3 has been receiving very positive reviews so far. An open Beta is available right now if you want to get a quick look at what the game will be like on launch.The rebooted sequel seems to be sticking to the formula that Modern Warfare 2 set, including gunplay and campaign, but will also be including a new type of zombies mode that appears to be openworld and team-based. With up to 24 players potentially working towards objectives on this large scale zombies mode, it will be interesting if they can keep the formula away from the battle-royale that too many games have been trying recently.The round-based zombies mode is a childhood family, but I think everyone is ready for a new type of zombies experience.


Minecraft Mob Vote Happening Now!

Image credits to Mojang and Microsoft

Voting for the next Minecraft mob will be starting on October 13th, which will be a split between a penguin, crab, and an armadillo. Click on each of their names for more info and if you want to vote for that mob. Not quite as crazy as the previous mob vote, but they each have unique abilities that will give more reasons to explore some of their respective biomes. Penguins will help you by making your boat go faster, crab claws can let you place blocks from further away, and the armadillo shell will allow you to create wolf armor for your pets.


Telltale Games Plagued by Layoffs

Image credits to Telltale Games

Telltale Games, who is most widely known for their narrative adventure titles, has recently confirmed a layoff of several of their employees. In a statement sent to IGN, Telltale games stated “Due to current market conditions, we regrettably had to let some of our Telltale team go recently. All projects currently in development are still in production and we have no further updates at this time.” The studio is currently working on The Wolf Among Us 2 and we have yet to see if this will be negatively affected. It is unfortunate to see the ongoing trend of layoffs continue and our hearts go out to those impacted.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to FromSoftware Inc.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey, as the Bandai Namco Publisher Sale kicks off. The path ahead will be treacherous and the battles that await will be like never before. Grab hit titles like Elden Ring or Remnant II for up to 40% off. Good luck gamers! Tekken 7: $89.99 > $13.49 Elden Ring: $59.99 > $39.59 (our review here) Little Nightmares II: $39.99 > $13.99 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide: $39.99 > $25.99



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