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AFK Today 11/18/2022


Hope everyone had a great Friday! It’s that time of year again when we look back on all the games from the last year and vote for our favorite. Game of the Year voting has commenced and we give our thoughts on who's going to win this year. In other news, there’s a Bioshock movie in development which is interesting at the very least. We also did a deep-dive into the top gaming mice you might want to take a look at during the upcoming holiday season. Let’s dive in.



Game of the Year 2022 Nominations

Image credits to TheGameAwards

We have been mentioning a few games in our newsletter that were contenders for the best game of 2022, and now that we see the official nominees, a few of them were surprising. God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring were obvious contenders given their monolithic hype. Stray and A Plague Tale: Requiem were welcome inclusions, especially due to the drastic differences in indie production scale making their nominations even more noteworthy. Horizon Forbidden West and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are closely followed by dedicated fanbases, but will that be enough to give them the edge over the others? God of War has the advantage of being the most recent in people’s minds, as well as being an emotional powerhouse of a story. While Elden Ring maintains a devout following of Fromsoftware fans. Our bet is on God of War with a narrow win, but make sure to vote here for your favorite game of the year.


Bioshock Movie Director Praises the Original Game

Image credits to Feral Interactive

I don’t know how we missed the news regarding a Bioshock movie on the horizon based on the first game, but I think everyone can get behind that classic plotline making it to the big screen. Keep in mind, it will be created by Netflix, which has a sour reputation for video game adaptations. However, Director Francis Lawrence recently spoke on his views regarding the Bioshock games in an interview; "First of all, I think it's one of the best games ever created… There's real ideas and philosophies underneath the game property, and it's really, really, really thought out”. What a sigh of relief fans must have from hearing that, with so many other franchises being thrown in the dirt by uncaring production teams. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this one turns out good. See more about Lawrence’s interview on PCGamer here.


Product Reviews

Top 5 Gaming Mice of 2022 Sneak Peek

Image credits to Razer

Are you Interested in finding a new gaming mouse to spruce up your rig during the holiday season? Don't worry we got you covered. From Razer to Logitech, we compiled the Top 5 Gaming Mice of 2022. Pick and choose from the most popular brands without all the bias. Check out our article at TheAFKCompany for further information.


Game Sales

Steam Gaming Sales

Image credits to Crytek

With the week closing in on Black Friday, our excitement keeps growing. Starting on November 22nd through November 29th, the Steam Black Friday Sale will commence. Although it's roughly a week away, we do have a few special offers and weekend deals that are worth some consideration.

Sea of Thieves: $39.99 > $19.99 Crysis Remastered Trilogy Bundle: $89.97 > $29.97 Frozen Flame (Early Access): $29.99 > $25.49 Little Nightmares I & II: $63.93 > $14.13



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