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AFK Today 11/24/2023


Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Today is Black Friday and you bet we’ve got some sales for you! This week, we’re also discussing the newest Subnautica game set to release in 2025! That’s all for this week and we’ll catch y'all in the next one! Peace!



Next Subnautica Game to Release in 2025

Image credits to Unknown Worlds Entertainment

A financial report that recently came indicated that the development studio Unknown Worlds has labeled a title called “the Next Subnautica” set to release in 2025. Clearly a placeholder title, and time will tell what this new entry will bring to the series. The studio has also recently hired a new narrative director to lead this project, so a 2025 deadline seems very promising. It is very likely that they will finally be including a multiplayer option given all the feedback and Q&As from the developers. Definitely something to look forward to in the coming years.


Black Friday Gaming Deals

Image credits to DICE

Hey there, folks! Black Friday is in full swing, and we're stoked to share the hottest deals in town. No need to sift through the chaos – we've done the heavy lifting for you. Check out the links below for a sneak peek at some seriously awesome video game specials. It's the real deal, so don't miss out! PS: Controllers are hitting the sales rack so don't let those rage-induced controller throws leave you empty-handed.

Select Xbox One Controllers on sale for $45 Select PS5 Controllers on sale for $49


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Steam

The Steam Autumn Sale continues on into the Black Friday weekend featuring hundreds of discounted games. From now until November 28th, you can take advantage of these sales and immerse yourself into a world unknown. Happy hunting!

Hogwarts Legacy: $59.99 > $35.99 Diablo IV: $69.99 > $41.99 Inscryption: $19.99 > $9.99 Northgard: $29.99 > $8.99 (Clans and Expansion Sale)



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