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AFK Today 11/25/2022


Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday! Let’s dive into what we got in store for you this Friday. For all the Valheim fans out there, Mistlands Beta is now available to play so check it out and try it for yourselves. This week was also The Golden Joystick Awards featuring Elden Ring with multiple game awards, which to us, was not surprising. Lastly on today’s radar, Microsoft plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, leaving the future of Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard titles in the palm of Microsoft’s grubby hands.



Valheim Mistlands Beta Available to Play Now

Image credits to Iron Gate Studios

After months of no major content updates, Valheim fans were beginning to get worried that the Mistlands would never come. Worry no more! The amazing developers at Iron Gate Studios have released an amazing trailer for what awaits in the new zone, which you can view here. It is currently only available to play on the public-testing branch if you want to get an early look at the new area, but I will be happy to wait for the final product. They have teased much more than a new zone, adding many items and features to various sections of the game before even reaching the Mistlands. If you want to know more, look at PCGamer’s article here.


The Golden Joystick Awards

Image credits to GamesRadar

Votes have finally come in for the Golden Joystick Awards (Not to be confused with the Game Awards), showcasing the best that gaming has to offer this year. Elden Ring took home multiple awards, including Ultimate Game of the Year. God of War: Ragnarok certainly still has a chance at receiving Game of the Year, but it wasn’t present in this award show. Stray, Grounded, and Cuphead were also some notable indie games that got awards. To check out the rest of the awards, head over to GamesRadar through this link.


The Future of Call of Duty Under Microsoft

Image credits to Activision

Earlier this month, Microsoft proposed an offer to Sony that Call of Duty would plan to stay on both platforms for the next 10 years. With Microsoft trying to acquire Activision Blizzard, The state of Call of Duty may hang in the balance. Microsoft offered $69 billion for the acquisition and has been facing intense backlash from regulators around the world. Since Call of Duty has been a PlayStation platform bonus with early access, betas and additional content, Sony fears the Microsoft deal would take it away entirely from PlayStation. Microsoft initially stated they would continue to release Call of Duty for the PlayStation platform “as long as there’s a PlayStation out there to ship to.” With the new 10 year deal, Sony has a little more of an outlook to go off. For more background on the deal what's in the mix, head over to


Game Sales

Steam Autumn Sale

Image credits to Ember Lab

Finally, Black Friday is upon us and now is the time we take advantage of the hundreds of sales steam has to offer. Whether you're looking for a new game to play with friends or some crazy solo adventures, you’re in luck. Although we can't list every hit sale, here are a few games that we think are worth a gander.

Grounded: $39.99 > $29.99 Dying Light 2 Stay Human: $59.99 > $29.99 Kena: Bridge of Spirits: $39.99 > $19.99 It Takes Two: $39.99 > $15.99 Stray: $29.99 > $23.99 Valheim: $19.99 > $13.99 (Mistlands Beta Just Released)



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