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AFK Today 12/16/2022


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week and prepped for the holiday season. This is a great time to get some new games that are on sale, but also a time we expect to hear about new games heading into next year. This week we’re covering new updates for Northgard and Subnautica and then a few details about Hogwarts Legacy which is set to release next year. Then we wrap it up with this week’s game sales. Let’s dive into it.



Northgard New Campaign DLC Released

Image credits to Shiro Games

A whole new campaign centered around Medieval factions fighting with the Norse clans of Northgard just dropped this week. The Cross of Vidar expansion allows you to explore the Southern Regions, filled with faith-driven empires clad in metal armor. These factions fight for control just like their northern brethren, but have many differences when it comes to how they build up their military. We’re very excited about the new direction that Shiro Games has taken Northgard, reminding us of other well-known RTS games. There have been mixed reviews seemingly stemming from bugs, but hopefully those will quickly be resolved. If you want to see more detail about this expansion, click here.


Subnautica 2.0 Unity Bugfix Update

Image credits to Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Due to the resounding success of both Subnautica and Below Zero, the Unknown Worlds developers worked on bringing the original Subnautica’s engine up to par with the more recent Below Zero. This update includes vast improvements to general gameplay, including over 800 bug fixes and new building modules to kit out your underwater home. If you liked Below Zero more than the original, make sure you don’t forget about the What the Dock update that came out recently as well. It’s truly refreshing to see games like this get care and attention long after the initial release. With this major milestone complete, we will most likely be seeing Unknown Worlds’ next game-in-development soon. GameRant has even more on the update here.


Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase II

Image credits to Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

As many have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy, we now have a closer look into some new combat and updated game mechanics. Avalanche Software released a second gameplay showcase that takes a peak at the open world broom flight and Dark Arts Battle Arena. The Dark Arts Battle Arena is included in the Collector’s and Deluxe Editions of the game where players can preview Unforgivable Curses without having to earn them. We also get an inside look at the Room of Requirement where you can brew positions, grow different things and care for your beasts. Without spoiling too much, I must say the broom flight and game mechanics are turning out to be quite brilliant. To find out more about the Showcase and further details on the game, head over to


Game Sales

Steam Gaming Sales

Image credits to Activision

This week on the Steam store we got some great deals to look forward to. Both the Sniper Ghost Warrior and Assasins Creed franchises are 80-85% off including a free to play weekend for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. In addition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has their free multiplayer access weekend for everyone until December 19th.

Deep Rock Galactic: $29.99 > $9.90 Northgard: $29.99 > $7.49 (New Campaign DLC just released!) STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition: $49.99 > $6.99 Days Gone: $49.99 > $16.49



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