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AFK Today 12/23/2022


Good afternoon and happy holidays everyone! Hope you all are safe inside and staying out of the dumb*** cold weather covering most of the U.S. right now. We have a few updates to some upcoming games like Hogwarts Legacy and Jedi: Survivor. There are also some pretty killer Steam deals out right now. Grab your hot chocolate, cozy up, and let’s dive into it.



God of War Amazon Show News

Image credits to Santa Monica Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment

Coming down from the hype train of the Game Awards, a recent interview with the Amazon director for the God of War series talked about how it will be produced. Mainly indicating that they want to try and be as faithful to the source material as possible, maybe even including Christopher Judge in some role as Kratos. Whether or not this is just a PR stunt, time will tell. We have heard this type of thing before in Amazon and Netflix shows only to be seriously let down. I will keep my hopes up for a cinematic retelling of God of War, but I am concerned with how a live action adaptation will play out. Check out more regarding this interview over on Gamespot here.


Combat in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Image credits to Respawn Entertainment and EA

More news has come out regarding the combat systems in Jedi: Survivor from an IGN interview. It looks like multiple combat stances will be utilized by the player to adapt to different situations. This seems reminiscent of the multiple stances in Ghost of Tsushima, which had enemies vulnerable to certain combat forms while being resistant to others. Something that isn’t certain is how these various stances will play into the Star Wars style, particularly regarding the 7 Jedi fighting styles. It will most likely be more blaster/lightsaber mix-ups, but it would be pretty damn cool to choose between defensive styles like Obi-Wan’s or offensive like Mace Windu’s. What type of style would you want to see in Jedi: Survivor?


Sifu Arenas Teaser

Image credits to Sloclap

With the last few updates coming before the end of the year, the Arenas update teaser was a bit of an unexpected surprise. Not only is Sifu now coming to the Steam platform next year but those with the game already can look forward to the new gamemode. The Arena mode lets players further sharpen the skills of their character by fighting off waves of enemies. There are several new closed off areas that are used as the fighting stages which include a darkened hallway, helipad and a large green void. Slocap briefly stated there would be rewards that players can achieve by conquering these new Arena mode challenges like new modifiers and alternative moves. To view the teaser trailer and to learn more about the new update, click here.


Game Sales

Steam Winter Sale: Dec 22nd - Jan 5th

Image credits to MegaCrit

The Steam Winter Sale is now upon us and with it, a vast library of extraordinary gaming sales. From Hit AAA titles to daring indie games, this holiday sale is bringing the battle to you. Grab your wallets for some last minute shopping and take advantage of these great deals.

Elden Ring: $59.99 > $41.99 (See our review here) Hades: $24.99 > $12.49 (See our review here) Slay the Spire: $24.99 > $8.49 Sekiro: Shadows Died Twice - GOTY Edition: $59.99 > $29.99 STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order: $39.99 > $4.79



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