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AFK Today 12/9/2022


Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great Friday afternoon and getting ready to settle in for some games this evening. The biggest news in gaming this week was the Game Awards of course, and we break down the biggest 2 winners from last night. Also, Elden Ring and Valheim recently released updates that are being well received by fans. Before we dive into this week’s top stories, we have one other thing to talk about…



We Released a Podcast!

Last week we released our very own podcast “Take That L”. We came up with the name while we were playing MWII and after every game, the entire lobby was shouting “TAKE THAT L”. We want our podcast to be a place where we can talk shit, be honest, and just have a genuinely fun time, just like the post-game lobby. Take That L will be posted to YouTube every Wednesday (usually), so subscribe here and turn on your notifications!


Elden Ring: Free Colosseum PvP DLC Available Now

Image credits to FromSoftware

In a surprising twist right before the game awards, Fromsoftware decided to release their unused colosseums as PvP oriented hubs for players seeking more duel-based combat. This comes along with multiple PvP and PvE balance changes seeking to keep the battles fresh and fair. You can head into this new mode right as we speak, allowing for multiple types of play including: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and spirit battles. Take a closer look at the colosseum locations and update details over at Gamesradar.


Valheim Released The Mistlands Update This Week

Image credits to Iron Gate Studio

A long time waiting led to this huge gameplay update to Valheim. Pick up your swords and lanterns so you can head out into the misty unknown, and see what unique puzzles and creatures lie in wait. You can see the release trailer as well as all the new additions on Valheim’s Steam page here. Careful when playing with any older saves, as bugs are common when trying to generate new biomes into the world. No problem for newer players, but recurring Valheim players should play through this on a new character and new world seed.


Game of the Year Awards

Image credits to The Game Awards

We’ve all been paying close attention to the Game of the Year race over the last few weeks and finally we have an answer. Concluding with last night's ceremony, Elden Ring has been announced as the 2022 Game Of The Year! Many other individual awards were given out to its contenders, the Game Awards ceremony was a pleasure to witness. God Of War: Ragnarok won several awards including Best Narrative, Best Score and Music, Best Audio Design, Best Action/Adventure Game and Best Innovation in Accessibility. On top of that, God of War’s - Christopher Judge won the Best Performance Award. Honestly, we thought God of War would squeak out the win. But with the recent release of the Elden Ring Colosseum update, we believe it changed the tide at the end. To get caught up on all the awards, check out the Game Awards Ceremony here.


Game Sales

Steam Sales

Image credits to Torn Banner Studios

This week on the Steam store we have some great deals and few new updates to keep an eye on. Valheim received the mistlands update, Grounded got some new crafting items and Chivalry II is free to play until Monday. WIth the Game Awards coming to and end, we have plenty of new games to look forward to. Check out the Featured Upcoming games and Game Awards sales here.

Chivalry II : $39.99 > $19.99 Valheim: Mistlands : $19.99 > $13.99 Resident Evil 2 : $39.99 > $9.99 Total War: WARHAMMER III : $59.99 > $47.99



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