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AFK Today 2/3/2023


Welcome to February! This week we have stories about new updates coming to Overwatch 2 and Smite which include new maps and characters respectively. Also included in this week’s newsletter is news regarding Back 4 Blood development. Check out what we have to say and if you missed any of our past newsletters, check them out on our website!



Back 4 Blood Fizzles Out of Development

Image credits to Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The highly anticipated horde-shooter Back 4 Blood, created by the same developers as Left for Dead, comes to a disappointing end. The development team has stated that it will no longer be updating Back 4 Blood after the River’s of Blood DLC release. GameRant has more on the specifics here. An unfortunate way to end what could have been an amazing game series, but Turtle Rock Studios says they will be devoting their time to a future game title in the works. What type of game do you think they are working on?


New Frozen Overwatch 2 Maps

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

As Season 3 approaches for February 7th, new information keeps rising to the surface. PCGamer talks about the Antarctic inspired maps that will be releasing at the same time as other seasonal changes. Many other balance changes, MMR tweaks, and in-game reward options will be coming along with the map. This also includes the return of free skins, which really should be much more accessible in a game like Overwatch. Still waiting for the campaign mode, but hopefully these changes will be the start of the Overwatch team listening to community feedback. Let us know if you think these changes will make Overwatch 2 more enjoyable.


Smite Patch 10.1 Bonus Update

Image credits to Hi-Rez

With the 10.1 update, Smite brought in a bunch of new items/item reworks, balance changes, and map changes. The best part of all is you can now play as Surtur The Fire Giant, and rain hellfire from above. Personally, he is one of my favorite new gods to recently release and by now, you should be able to avoid the spam selection of the champion. He is a blast to play but with the recent 10.1 Bonus Update, the developers felt he was a little too strong. Not only Surtur but Maui as well received some nerfs to their kit to follow the balance of other characters. General gameplay bug fixes have also been sent out with this patch as well as a few other item buffs and nerfs. Check out the full patch notes here.


Game Sales

Steam Gaming Sales

Image credits to Lo-FI Games

With the base building fest and lunar new year sale events now over, we go back to scoping out the special offers of the week. The Marvel’s Spider-Man Franchise and the COD Franchise are on sale until next week which bring back some great classics. On a different side note, we now have exactly one week until the long awaited Hogwarts Legacy is released!

Kenshi: $29.99 > $13.49 Call of Duty: Black Ops: $39.99 > $19.99 (Best Zombies Ever) Crysis Remastered Trilogy: $89.97 > $27.20 Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered: $59.99 > $40.19 Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey: $39.99 > $9.99



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