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AFK Today 3/10/2023


How’s it going gamers? We got some spicy news for y'all this week regarding controversial releases and even more game delays, who woulda thought? So Dr DisRespect is making an NFT game and we don’t know how we feel about it but we do know how we feel about the new anticipated Starfield release and we’re excited to talk about it. We’re also talking about news regarding yet another delay for the Suicide Squad game after some backlash with its gameplay release. Will they listen to the fans or will this delay just buffer the inevitable failure of its release? Stay tuned to find out!



Let's Talk About Dr DisRespect's NFT Game

Image credits to Midnight Society

As some of you might know, popular livestreamer Dr DisRespect announced the creation of a game similar to Tarkov’s extraction system, but with the monetary aspects of block chain NFTs. Given the sketchy nature of the current NFT market and the highly controversial past of Dr DisRespect, I personally don’t think this endeavor will end in a good spot. Multiple other large name streamers like Asmongold and Moist Critical have called out some of the glaring issues with this project, mainly involving the existence of bots/cheating programs to receive real-money items within the game. Let us know what you think of NFT’s in the gaming sphere, or what any fans of Dr DisRespect think about this project.


Suicide Squad Game Delayed After Backlash

Image credits to Warner Bros. Games

After widespread disapproval and disinterest at the new Suicide Squad game from Warner Bros and Rocksteady, the publishers decided to delay the release of the game further back into 2023. The officially stated reason for the delay was to add more polish, but it seems that what the game was really lacking was clear design direction. When the same studio created the Arkham game series, it was very easy to see what made those games so unique. But looking at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it looks like a dime-a-dozen generic looter shooter. If Warner Bros wants this game to succeed, a full design overhaul is going to be needed, and that rarely happens within a few months of a delay. Check out more about this story at PCGamer here.


New Starfield Release Date

Image credits to Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks has announced a new launch date for its highly anticipated RPG, Starfield, after yet another delay. It is expected to hit the store on September 6th and will be available on PC and Series X, as well as on Game Pass. Bethesda Softworks announced they are also holding a Starfield Direct showcase on June 11th, providing a comprehensive look at the game's world, narrative, and characters. The showcase will give players a sneak peek into what they can expect from the game and the work that's gone into it. Staff have been showing their excitement and commitment in making sure that everyone loves the game as much as they do. You can check out the official Launch Date Announcement here.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Deals

Image credits to Noio and Coatsink

This week, get ready for the CAPCOM publisher sale where you can save up to 87% on some of the most popular gaming series, including Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, and more. And that's not all - make sure to also check out the 4th Annual Pegases Ceremony event, organized by the Video Game Arts and Techniques Academy. Here, the best video game creations submitted by production and publishing teams will be voted on. It's an event you won't want to miss!

Kingdom Two Crowns: $19.99 > $4.99 (Check out our review here) Mega Man 11: $29.99 > $9.89 Dead Rising 2: $19.99 > $5.99 Devil May Cry 5: $29.99 > $9.89 Resident Evil Village Gold Edition: $49.99 > $29.99 Dead by Daylight: $19.99 > $7.99



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