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AFK Today 5/19/2023


Happy Friday gamers! This week we have some unfortunate news regarding Overwatch 2’s PvE content. Was this expected? On a better note, we get a sneak peak of the Lost Skies game so take a look at what we have to say about it! If you’re looking for a free game to play this weekend, Death Stranding is now free on Epic Games! That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter!



Blizzard Cancels PvE Campaign for Overwatch 2

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

After a recent interview with Blizzard’s executive producers, they informed the interviewers that the Overwatch team has been redirecting production of the PvE content that was promised to focus on the multiplayer side of the game. As many will probably already know, the fan reception is less than stellar, after being strung along on the hopes of having an expansive campaign with talent trees for their favorite characters in the Overwatch universe. Content creators and discussion threads have been absolutely disappointed with the false advertising that Blizzard pulled by selling the idea of Overwatch 2 as a PvE centered reboot, only to just now tell the fans it has been mostly scrapped in favor of battle passes. Let us know what you think will happen to the fanbase, will they stay or leave now that this content is gone?


Developer Sneak Peek at Upcoming Lost Skies Game

Image credits to Bossa Studios and Humble Games

After the end of the skyship MMO Worlds Adrift, Bossa Games and Humble Games are working together to create a brand new 1-6 player open world sandbox that allows for traversal in large airships and maneuverable grappling hooks. The floating islands seem like a perfect landscape for such a game, and it will be story driven. You can watch the developer diary here. If anyone remembers Guns of Icarus, I always love the concept of flying around in massive customizable airships, so if Lost Skies can pull through and make it work, I will be quick to pick this game up.


Death Stranding Free on Epic Games

Image credits to Kojima Productions

From now until May 25th, Epic Games is offering Death Stranding free of charge. We know it wasn’t flawless on arrival but Death Stranding has undergone significant improvements since its launch. If you find yourself looking for the director's cut, Epic Games is also offering 50% off the upgrade. With a free game like Death Stranding, there's absolutely nothing to lose. How many of you will give it a chance?


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to 4A Games

Featured this week on the Steam Store we have the EA publisher sale along with the Metro Series Weekend sale! If you're in the mood for a free game to try, Metro: Last Light Complete Edition is there to claim and own until May 25th. Be sure to check out any of the new additional specials Steam has to offer like the ones listed below. Good Luck Gamers!

Metro: Last Light Complete Edition: FREE TO KEEP Dragon Age Inquisition: $39.99 > $4.79 Mass Effect Legendary Edition: $59.99 > $14.99 Borderlands 2: $19.99 > $4.99 Dead Cells: $24.99 > $14.99



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