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AFK Today 6/17/2022


Game announcement season is in full swing. Bethesda held their showcase event, Blizzard made one of their biggest reveals of the year, and a fan favorite game is getting a sequel.

Let's get to it.


Bethesda's Showcase Event: Long-Awaited "Starfield"

Image credits to Microsoft

Ever since E3 has been canceled the previous 2 years, our exposure to new gaming releases has started to go downhill. The Xbox and Bethesda games showcase gave us all something we’ve been waiting for and some not so much. Starfield released full gameplay reveal that features a space exploration and fighting experience where you travel across the universe. I have to say I have mixed feelings about Starfield but let's hope Bethesda Studios can live up to the hype. Check out for more information about the game fest as well as a full list of game reveals and trailers.

Ark 2 Release Date/Trailer Announced...with a Special Treat

Image credits to Studio Wildcard

A surprising announcement at Bethesda’s game showcase, Ark 2 is set to release in 2023. PCGamer looks at Vin Diesel's star appearance here. The original game, Ark: Survival Evolved, is being given to players for free in celebration! So download the game before the event ends. After playing the first game, it will be great to see what types of improvements can be made in the genre. With the right polish, Ark 2 could easily be a massive success for the survival crafting gaming community. There is simply no other contender for the dinosaur survival genre.

Overwatch 2 Announcements

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

Fans have been waiting a long time for Overwatch 2 or some sort of revamping after the slight downfall of the original Overwatch in its previous years. At the Games showcase event, Blizzard stated that Overwatch 2’s first season and battle pass are set to be released on October 4th of this year. Blizzard also stated that they want to PVP free to play in order to provide as much content as possible. If the developers stick to what they have been saying, Overwatch 2 will definitely be worth the wait and bring countless hours of fun. Find out more about Overwatch 2 at PC Gamer.

Game Reviews

Just a reminder to check out all the games we are continuing to review each week here at TheAFKCompany. This week’s sneak peek looks at the award-winning turn-based strategy game, Sid Meier's Civilization VI. A wonderfully complex game that pushes the limits of empire-building logistics. If you ever wanted to get into a game that flexes your brain and lets you intellectually dunk on your friends, then check Civilization VI out in our review.

Product Reviews

SteelSeries Headset Review Sneak Peak

Have you been looking to upgrade your gaming experience? Steelseries now offers their newly updated Arctis 7p+ full wireless headset. This headset is awesome and checks off all the boxes. Get great sound, comfort, and quality for the low price of 169.99. Not only is this headset great for PC gaming, but it is also fully compatible with several other gaming consoles. For more information, check out our review on the SteelSeries Arctis 7p+ wireless headset!

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