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AFK Today 6/30/2023


What is going on my friends? This week on AFK Today, we have news regarding expansions, full releases, and free games for PlayStation Plus members! On August 3rd, Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to be fully released! Come check out how excited we are about it! Hearthstone gets another expansion, Titans and is set to shake up the meta. Lastly, for our PlayStation Plus members, there’s some cool free games so make sure to add them to your library! Thanks for reading and we’ll catch you guys next week.



Baldur's Gate 3 Full Release on August 3rd

Image credits to Larian Studios

The main premise of the Baldur’s Gate series is to bring Dungeons & Dragons elements and mechanics into video game format. It has a long lineage, with the first game being released in 1998, and has been a staple in the RPG genre for just as long. With Baldur’s Gate 3 early access lasting for a whopping 3 years (since 2020), fans can expect some huge changes from what they were first introduced to. With the current update, they are going to double the amount of races, triple the spells, and quadruple the talents. For more precise info, check out the update here. They will also be hosting a release showcase on July 7th you can view here. As relatively new to this series, tell us what you would like to see in the 3rd edition of Baldur’s Gate!


Hearthstone Titans Expansion

Image credits to Blizzard Entertainment

The newest Hearthstone expansion is right around the corner and promises to shake up the meta by adding multiple new card archetypes and some returning old ones. Just from what we have seen so far, the new Titan card mechanic will allow one card to cast 3 abilities if it survives multiple turns, while the forge mechanic allows cards to be upgraded at the cost of 2 mana. Magnetic and locations will be making a return, with the Prison of Yogg-Saron being a free card for anyone who logs in right now! The good news is that we will only have to wait until August 1st for the full release of the new set, so be on the lookout for more card reveals in the coming month.


PlayStation Plus Free Games

Image credits to Herobeat Studios

The new monthly games lineup is here starting July 4th and features Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warm Alan Wake Remastered and Endling - Extinction is Forever. All PS Plus members will have until Monday July 31st to add the monthly games to their library for free. In light of Alan Wake 2 releasing later this year, Alan Wake Remastered comes at a great time for those interested in starting up a new game. Spend your time in the mysterious Bright Falls or take on a dark center of global conspiracies based in the Cold War.


Game Sales

Steam Summer Sale

Image credits to Fury Studios

From now until July 13th at 10 am Pacific, the Steam Summer Sale will host thousands of different game sales for everyone to choose from. This is one of their biggest sales of the year with some of the best deals we’ve ever seen. Whether you like single player campaigns or competitive multiplayer, the Steam Summer Sale has it all.

Satisfactory: $29.99 > $16.49 Civilization VI Anthology Bundle: $209.85 > $29.62 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: $39.99 > $11.99 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition: $39.99 > $9.99 Kingdom Two Crowns: $19.99 > $3.99 (Kingdom Eighties Just Released)



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