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AFK Today 6/9/2023


Happy Friday my friends! This week we are covering the firing and replacement of GameStop CEO, Matthew Furlong. Not entirely video game related but we are also covering the million dollar Magic the Gathering card, The One Ring. Will you guys be out scrounging for this? Last but not least, Summer Game Fest debuts over the next few days! Which game announcements are you most excited for? That’s all for this week, catch y'all in the next one.



GameStop CEO Fired and Replaced

Image credits to Cryptopolitan

CEO Matthew Furlong was recently fired by the company following years of major downturns in the franchise’s stock prices. Mathew’s replacement is Ryan Cohen, executive chairman who gained stock in GameStop during the meme surge it went through in 2021. You can see more about the firing on CNBC here. The overall opinion of the leadership at GameStop appears very somber for the company’s future, indicating that it would most certainly dissolve in the near future if it didn’t make a major breakthrough. It appears that GameStop will go the way of BlockBuster if they can’t adapt to their online competitors.


The One Ring in Magic the Gathering

Image credits to Wizards of the Coast

Not quite in the video game sphere, but any trading card enthusiasts will want to know about the $1 million One Ring card coming to the new Lord of the Rings tie-in set. Only one version of this card will be printed into existence, and multiple card enthusiasts and card sellers have offered bounties upwards of $500,000 for them, with the highest being Dave and Adam’s collectible company offering a million for the lucky person who stumbles onto the card. Check out more at Wizards of the Coast here.


Summer Game Fest 2023

Image credits to Xbox

We all have something to look forward to as Summer Game Fest 2023 begins its debut over the next few days. One thing in particular that we are excited about is the Xbox, Starfield direct where we will get to see some new gameplay, development updates and interviews from the behind the scenes. With over 40 different partners for the games festival, we’re eager to see what might be one of the next hit titles. To view the full schedule of events including times, dates and partners, click here.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Ubisoft

This week on the Steam store we have plenty of great deals to go around. If you're into single player campaigns with amazing storylines, look no further. To top it off, we have the Assassin's Creed Franchise sale until June 15th so now is a better time than ever to immerse yourself into a new world of enemies. Good Luck Gamers!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection: $39.99 > $9.99 Red Dead Redemption 2: $59.99 > $19.79 Assassin's Creed Black Flag: Gold Edition: $39.99 > $11.99 Cult of the Lamb: $24.99 > $17.49 Orcs Must Die! 3: $29.99 > $7.49



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