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AFK Today 7/21/2023


How is everyone's Friday so far? This week on AFK Today we got some news regarding Blizzard’s shift to Steam, a new League of Legends rank season, and the new hero in For Honor! Lots of new updates coming to games you love so what will you guys be playing this weekend? I think it’s time to hit Diamond in League of Legends so I’ll see you on the Rift.



Blizzard Games Shifting to Steam

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

Coming quickly after the news that Call of Duty sales suffered as a Battlenet exclusive, Overwatch 2 is set to be on Steam August 10th. This will be followed by other Battlenet exclusive games making the switch soon. It can’t be a coincidence that this is all happening right after the Activision Microsoft merger and the backlash over Overwatch 2’s canceled PvE content. Blizzard states that the reason for the switch is a ‘changing game market’, which alludes to their decreasing sales and increasing pressure to make better products. Maybe they are finally seeing the results of anti-consumer practices.


League of Legends Ranked Reset and 2v2v2v2 Release

Image credits to Riot Games

The time to start grinding the ranked ladder is upon us as the rank reset happened on Thursday. A new ranked tier of Emerald has been placed in between platinum and diamond, and promotional barriers have been done away with to promote quick placements. You can go check out the new 2v2v2v2 mode right now as well, putting 4 groups of 2 against each other in varying different arenas with customized shop items to purchase in between rounds. Let us know how the new modes feel to play compared to Summoner’s Rift!


Ocelotl Hero Comes to For Honor

Image credits to Ubisoft

Calling all warriors of For Honor! A new formidable foe known as the Ocelot, a fearsome Aztec Warrior, joins the fight. Rally your allies and clash your blades in the thrill of combat. Ocelotl will be introduced into the game July 27th along with a few game enhancements, updates and a free gaming week that runs until August 3rd. The Aztec Warrior will feature a dual wielding Macuahuitl Club and Tepoztopilli spear that packs quite the punch. If you ever needed a reason to come back to the battlefield, now's your chance. To view the official gameplay trailer, click here.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Torn Banner Studios

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend on the Steam Store we would love to share some of our personal favorites with you that are on sale. Whether you're in the mood for cooperative adventures with your pals or some thrilling backstabbing action, we've got just what you need.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: $59.99 > $5.99 (our review here) Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition: $254.80 > $28.56 Chivalry 2: $39.99 > $19.99 (our review here) It Takes Two: $39.99 > $15.99



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