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AFK Today 7/22/2022


We have an exciting weekend ahead of us. San Diego ComicCon kicked off yesterday and we’re expecting PLENTY of new game announcements this weekend. We’ll be covering those in next week's newsletter. This week, we’ve got a few interesting game releases, announcements, and updates in addition to our latest game review. Separately, we have officially launched our referral program! You can now refer your friends and earn exciting rewards!



Soulframe Makes Its Debut

Image credits to Airship Syndicate/Digital Extremes

From the developers of Warframe, a new MMORPG has been brought to light known as Soulframe. Soulframe is being developed by Digital Extremes as a free-to-play action hybrid-MMORPG. With Warframe roots and a Princess Mononoke look, we may see quite an interesting take on this new game. As far as we know, no further information has been released aside from the NSFW cinematic trailer but we can expect the gameplay to be somewhat similar to Warframe. We are a little curious how this game will play out as an MMORPG, but for anyone that enjoyed Warframe, definitely give this a look. To find out more about Soulframe and its current status, head over to Polygon. Currently, there is no set release date established.


"Stray" Hits Top 100 Most-Played on Steam

Image credits to

A relatively unnoticed indie game, Stray, has rapidly gained attention and players. From the company that created Outer Wilds and Journey, Annapurna has created a new feline platforming puzzle-solving adventure game. If they were able to improve the amazing single-player formula from their previous titles, we can see why Stray has been so well received by everyone. Check out more at GameRant here.


No Man's Sky Endurance Update Released

Image credits to

A few of us at The AFK Company have been looking to get into No Man’s Sky based on the constant updates. We are cautious because of its horrendously bad release, but willing to give it a second shot if everything looks good as updates have come out. This update looks to add more options on fleets and freighter bases, allowing for more customization and missions. Interested in more? Check out No Man’s Sky on Steam or this PCGamesN article here. Let us know if we should review this game!


Game Reviews

Hades Review Sneak Peak

This single-player rogue-like is fast-paced and reimagines Greek mythology. Play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he tries to escape the grasp of his father and the Underworld. This personal adventure is captivating and leaves you wanting more. The easy-to-learn mechanics and random boons from gods you encounter keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Each run is not like the others, making Hades one of the most replayable games we’ve reviewed. Click the button below to check out our in-depth review of the BAFTA 2021 Game of the Year, Hades.



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