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AFK Today 8/11/2023


What is up gamers? This week, Dark and Darker is releasing its early access available to purchase right now! Although it is only available on their website and Chaf Games, pick up this highly anticipated release and let us know what you think of the game. Overwatch 2 finally releases a new update but will it be enough for fans to come back? Will you be playing Overwatch 2 this weekend? Lastly, we got some important news regarding Rockstar Games. They have acquired the development team behind Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2’s roleplaying communities and multiplayer modification tools. With this major upgrade, GTA6’s multiplayer capabilities are endless. Are you hype for GTA6?



Dark and Darker Released for Early Access

Image credits to Ironmace

With the crazy success of Baldur’s Gate 3, we can’t forget the hype train that was built up for Dark and Darker as a medieval loot extraction game, which was unfortunately cut short by lawsuits from the developers’ previous company Nexon. The early access release has surprisingly still come out, but not on Steam due to the pending infringement case. The game is only available currently on and Chaf Games, with plans to eventually return to Steam. The base game currently costs $35 or $50 for the founder's edition, with an in-game shop that is getting criticism for selling classes for $10 a piece. Hopefully they will be successful enough and receive enough backlash over the in-game shop that they won’t feel the need to include it on final release, but let us know what you think of the first early release!


Overwatch 2 New Support, Invasion Event, and Poor Steam Reviews

Image credits to Blizzard

Expectations were low after the crippling news regarding the gutted development of Overwatch 2’s PvE mode, but plans have followed through on releasing new co-op PvE modes. The new hero Illari seems to be a hybrid long distance healer who shoots a railgun that has an alternative healing beam and an AOE healing pylon ability, with a crowd control solar ball that slows and damages in an area for her ultimate. The PvE invasion event will be $15 for a bundle, giving access to the missions that can be replayed on multiple difficulties, but unfortunately has no skill progress like what was promised in the initial Overwatch 2 release statements. In addition to the lowered scope of PvE, the release of Overwatch 2 on Steam has allowed mass perception of the game through Steam reviews, which is currently sitting at an abysmal 2/10. Do you think this is a fair rating? We would like to know if any long-standing Overwatch players are truly this disappointed in the current state of the game.


Rockstar Games Acquires

Image credits to

The roleplaying communities around Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically, have now been officially absorbed by Rockstar Games. The developers of these multiplayer modification tools such as FiveM and RedM have joined the dev team awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. With its gameplay leak last year, fans are now hype and are waiting to hear any news of a release date for this long awaited game. With the acquisition of FiveM and RedM, this should increase the hype of GTA6 and upgrade the multiplayer capabilities. Are you hype for GTA6?


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive

This week in the Steam Store we have a select few games we’d love to share with you. The Steam Visual Novel Fest is the only event going on currently so unless you're into Visual Novels, let us give you a hand. Stray: $29.99 > $22.49 (our review here) Enter the Gungeon: $14.99 > $4.49 Destroy All Humans!: $29.99 > $7.49 Ghostwire: Tokyo: $59.99 > $19.79



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