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AFK Today 8/12/2022


This week's newsletter is an exciting one for PlayStation and PC fans. We also have release dates for the new Total War and Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to take advantage of this week's Steam sale, especially for those LEGO Star Wars fans out there. Our referral program is up and running so share with your friends to potentially win a headset or even a custom-built PC.



Total War: Warhammer III - Champions of Chaos Releasing August 23rd

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With the news about Immortal Empires on the near horizon, new DLC content was heavily expected to also be on the way. To no big surprise, four new demon champions will be released on August 23rd. Fans of the series will know of most of the characters on the way; Azazel, Valkia, Vilitch, and Festus will be representing each of their respective chaos gods. Catch a glimpse of all their trailers over on milkandcookiesTW’s YouTube channel, and check out some other videos he makes to get more detailed info on all Warhammer has to offer.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths Coming August 22nd

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Anyone keeping up with Tamriel’s MMO should keep an eye out for the newest DLC that focuses on Breton lore and expanding dungeon gameplay. It should be interesting to learn more about the magic-adept Bretons, and everyone loves difficult challenges in MMO-raiding. Even though Elder Scrolls Online didn’t really live up to the high expectations of Skyrim’s RPG adventure in MMO format, I can appreciate the effort Bethesda has put into making such an expansive world filled to the brim with Elder Scrolls lore. For more info, check out an article from the official website here.


Spider-Man Remastered Released and Sony's Push to PC Gaming

Image credits to Sony Interactive Entertainment

In recent events, we have seen Sony start to add a few games to the marketplace for PC gamers. On their website, they have a newly added hub for PC gaming where you can buy PlayStation games for PC either through Steam or Epic Games. Games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone have been out for a while now but have done surprisingly well in the PC community. As of August 12th, 2022, Sony has fully released Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered to the PC marketplace priced at $59.99. This remastered Spider-Man revamps the game with upgraded graphics, ray tracing, and a few other improvements. What does this mean for PlayStation? Their staple of having console exclusives and their push to the PC marketplace is rather interesting. PlayStation plans on releasing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection to PC later this year. For more information on Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and other upcoming exclusives, head over to


Steam Sale Highlights

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Check out this weekend's Steam sales for some great deals! The Assassin’s Creed franchise is up to 80% off as well as a variety of great indie games like Kingdom Two Crowns, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and many more. If you're into indie games and are looking for something new, check out our review of Kingdom Two Crowns and take advantage of their 70% off franchise sale.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga $49.99 > $34.99 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands $59.99 > $44.99 Ori and the Will of the Wisps $29.99 > $9.89 Destroy All Humans! $29.99 > $7.49



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