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AFK Today 8/25/2023


What is up, my fellow gamers? This week we got news regarding the long anticipated Skyrim in space, Starfield. Hint, it releases next week so will you be picking it up? Among other news, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is out now and the reviews are high praise! If y'all haven’t heard already, Gamescom is happening this week and there's plenty of announcements that you don’t want to miss out on. With more gaming news, check out our website and other socials! See you next week.



Starfield is Releasing Next Week!

Image credits to Bethesda

September 1st will be the first time that Premium Starfield Edition owners will be able to access the game, while everyone else will have to wait until September 6th. Todd Howard and Phil Spencer have been giving their last minute thoughts on how they believe the community will feel about Starfield. Phil mentioned that it would be more akin to Oblivion than Skyrim, while Todd Howard wasn’t sure about how Bethesda fans would perceive the vastly different style of exploration from previous titles. We will definitely be looking forward to seeing how the planets differ and more details on the procedurally generated encounters. What are you looking forward to seeing in Starfield?


Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon Out Now!

Image credits to FromSoftware Inc.

Fromsoftware released their newest game yesterday to high ratings, with the average being a 9/10 already. First impressions include good performance, high difficulty, and great art style. Some players have been having a hard time getting past the first intro boss, which happens to be a staple of Fromsoftware games. We will wait to give any comprehensive information on the game until we have a more balanced view regarding aspects of the story, gameplay, and performance. Certainly quite a different experience from the usual Fromsoftware Dark Souls/Elden Ring formula, but keeps some of their elements even with the super fast paced combat and mech-based future setting. Early positive reviews are a great thing to encourage Fromsoftware to branch out into new game styles, and Armored Core VI looks to be a great comeback of an old franchise.


Gamescom is Live!

Image credits to Gamescom

Attention all gamers, Gamescom continues on until August 27th and brings some of the best things we could hope for. What's Gamescom you ask? For those who don't know, Gamescom is an event where you can see the latest releases, play the newest games, meet developers and much more. Some of the biggest announcements this year include Alan Wake 2, MW3, Black Myth Wukong, Killing Floors 3 and Little Nightmares 3. These games look awesome and we cannot wait for more. If you are interested in watching or catching up on this event click here. We hope you can enjoy the excitement with us.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Developer Double Fine

Whether you're eagerly awaiting the Starfield launch or you're in search of a gaming remedy to keep you engaged, we've got just what you need. Don't forget to check out Gamescom for some exciting new releases. Happy Gaming!

Cult of the Lamb: $24.99 > $16.24 No Man’s Sky: $59.99 > $29.99 Psychonauts 2: $59.99 > $14.99 Dying Light: $49.99 > $9.99



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