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AFK Today 8/4/2023


Happy Friday, my friends! This week we got some new releases to talk about! If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, then you have to check out Baldur’s Gate 3! This D&D inspired RPG is sure to leave a mark on fans of the genre and of video games in general. On the other side of the fantasy spectrum, Aliens: Dark Descent was also released. Make sure to check this game out if you’re a fan of the original movies or want to play a horror RTS shooter to sink some hours in this weekend. Lastly, we got a new refresh of games for the PlayStation monthly games. Stay tuned next week for some more gaming news!



Baldur's Gate 3 Releases with a Bang

Image credits to Larian Studios

Reaching nearly half a million concurrent players on launch day is very impressive. The turn-based D&D-inspired RPG is already getting some amazing reviews, while also releasing with no paid micro-transactions and the normal $60 price tag. It is still a bit early to give any in-depth reviews on our end, but we do see that a majority of reviewers have already been giving the game glowing praise. Definitely go check out this game if you the RPG genre is of interest to you, and we will be bringing you more updates on this game in the coming months.


Aliens: Dark Descent Out Now

Image credits to Tindalos Interactive

We didn’t forget about this game, which released late June, and has been a great success for the Alien gaming brand. As an unforgiving horror RTS shooter that prioritizes stealth and strategy, it has been a breath of fresh air in the genre and many critics have been giving glowing praise. Players have been saying it is quite unforgiving, and you will probably find yourself save-scumming when your team gets wiped. High stress strategy games are always rewarding to players willing to push through the difficulty, and the community is saying great things about Dark Descent, so it is worth buying in our eyes. It’s good to see Alien return to the gaming scene with how much great potential it has in the horror genre, just like how Alien Isolation turned out to be so amazing.


PlayStation Monthly Games

Image credits to Media Molecule and Sony

The August monthly games lineup for PS Plus members is here and features PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams and Death’s Door. These 3 games will be available to claim until Monday September 4th so make sure to check them out. One of the most intriguing games for this month is Dreams. Dreams is an ever expanding universe where you can learn how to create your own world or discover community-made games from around the globe. The open world universe is beautiful and helps your dreams come to fruition. Whether you want to create animations, paintings, games or music, Dreams is your digital playground.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Bethesda

As we delve into the weekend, we have some fun filled RPGs and FPS games that are worth checking out. Good Luck Gamers!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition: $39.99 > $9.99 Doom Eternal: $39.99 > $9.99 Deep Rock Galactic: $29.99 > $9.89 Dredge: $24.99 > $18.74 SCUM: $39.99 > $15.99



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