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AFK Today 9/1/2023


Welcome to September my friends! This week we have news regarding the first batch of reviews for the highly anticipated Starfield. Come see our overview of the reviews and if we want to pick it up or not. Will you be playing Starfield this weekend? In other news, we have an unfortunate shut down of a gaming studio after the downfall of their flagship game as well as the new PlayStation Monthly Games refresh. That’s all for this week! Keep gaming and keep on taking L’s!



Early Reviews for Starfield! Good, Bad or Meh?

Image credits to Bethesda Game Studios

Mixed reviews, but generally positive, have been coming out from major review sites ranging from 7/10 to 10/10 for Starfield. We will analyze a few of the key takeaways for those who haven’t heard much on Starfields’ early gameplay release. Some major critiques involve the limited scope of space travel, as early expectations of the game were fully immersive space flights and combat, but it seems that much of the space travel is very limited and boxed in by invisible walls. Another issue, one which many Bethesda games suffer from, is the repetitive NPC variations for non-mission characters. Some of the large planetary cities will feel like you see the same face and body type walk by multiple times. Positive aspects of the game have also been mentioned so far, including smooth gameplay and great atmosphere. The scope of each planet seems to be very diverse and exploration will lead you to some amazing views. Many reviews have mentioned that it will definitely be an expansive game, where you will have a large amount of missions throughout your entire playthrough, keeping goals and direction in focus despite the massive size of each planet. If you feel like you have any other insights into Starfield as an early player, please let us know in the comments or on our Youtube, we would love to see how everyone is enjoying the game so far.


Saints Row Studio Shuts Down After Awful Remake

Image credits to Volition and Epic Games

While the Saints Row series has had many fans over the years, the development studio Volition was recently shut down by their publisher Embracer Group. The direct cause is most likely the disappointing release of the reboot of Saints Row 1, which was heavily criticized by old fans and had terrible sales. Some of the critiques we have seen circulating regarding the series was that it became very mediocre and bland, losing many of the unique gameplay and storytelling qualities that made the first few interesting. There was also quite a bit of social media drama with Volition and fans before the shut down, having arguments on Twitter and Reddit, causing animosity between both parties. While this may have been a result of the developers actions, it is sad to see a long established development studio vanish with no real future for fans of the series.


PlayStation Monthly Games

Image credits to PlayStation and Sony Interactive

With a new month comes a new lineup of monthly free games for PlayStation owners. Starting September 5th, PS Plus members will be able to claim Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition and Generation Zero. Although Saints Row didn't have the best launch, trying it out for free is better than nothing. Saints Row features a larger than life sandbox with side hustles, criminal ventures and blockbuster missions as you fight your way to the top. Just make sure to claim/add to your PS library before October 2nd so you can enjoy some free games for the new month.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Shiro Games and Steam

Steam Strategy Fest continues on into the weekend featuring games like Northguard, SID Meiers’s Civilization VI, and Stellaris up to 80% off. If you're into puzzles or long fought battles with your friends, be sure to check it out. Happy Gaming!

Sid Meiers’s Civilization VI: $59.99 > $5.99 (our review here) Northguard: $29.99 > $8.99 (Clan of the Stoat out now!) (our review here) Hogwarts Legacy: $59.99 > $41.99 Chivalry 2: $39.99 > $19.99 (our review here)



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