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AFK Today 9/15/2023


It’s finally Friday my friends and you know what that means! Another AFK Today and this week we have huge news regarding Unity’s change and how it’s going to affect the games that use its engine. Read below about all of the details regarding this change. On top of that we’ve got news on Hearthstone’s newest mini-set and the latest and greatest updates about the anticipated Spider-Man 2 releasing this fall. Check it out!



Unity's Change and the Danger to Gaming

Image credits to Unity

I am sure many have been hearing recently about the game engine Unity and its decision to begin charging game development studios for each installation of games created in Unity that go past 200,000 installs. At first glance this may seem like they are only charging large corporations with AAA releases, but you have to remember that this is taking into account the ENTIRE lifetime that a game has spent on the market. This means that many popular indie games from small companies will also be charged high prices after they have already signed a license with Unity. The danger to gaming in general from this is already taking form, with many developers saying they have had to postpone releases due to the increased projected costs. Some developers, such as Cult of the Lamb’s Massive Monster studio, have threatened to shut down their game entirely on January 1st before this Unity change can be implemented due to the costs involved. Many have been speculating that the ex-EA CEO who now runs Unity is potentially profiting due to selling off shares before news of this change, much akin to how EA was similarly run into the ground as they jumped ship with the gains from the short-term decisions. It seems unlikely that they would deliberately tank the company with such bad decision-making in the public eye, but we have seen worse from other major gaming corporations as of late. I am concerned that many of my favorite indie games will be taken off the market as a result of this unnecessarily greedy decision by Unity. Make sure you let Unity know just how much you oppose this decision on social media!


Hearthstone Mini-Set: Fall of Ulduar Releases September 19th

Image credits to Blizzard Entertainment

Introducing 38 new cards revolving around the Titans and the Old-God Yogg-Saron, it is certain to add some interesting new mechanics. There will be one neutral Titan-ability card and a beginning-of-game effect card with a reprint of Cho-Gall as Twilight Chieftain. Many of the cards are centered around the breakout of Yogg-Saron from his prison, and will bring chaotic effects such as the card Chaotic Tendril, which casts a random spell with a cost dependent on how many Chaotic Tendrils have been played that game.Keep an eye out for more releases in the next few days on Hearthstone’s official website here, and check out the Fall of Ulduar set on September 19th!


Spider-Man 2: New Suits and World Expansion

Image credits to Insomniac Games

Late last night, Insomniac Games surprised fans with a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: new State of Play trailer that highlights gameplay details, graphics and suit updates. The gameplay trailer looks absolutely beautiful and brings the expanded Marvel’s New York to life. Among the many additions, one standout feature is the introduction of Web Wings. You can check out the full list of gameplay updates by clicking the link above. Spider-Man 2 releases October 20th of this year and we simply can't wait.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Supergiant Games

As we head into the weekend, we have a couple franchise sales following the Steam 20th Anniversary Celebration. Grab hot titles like Red Dead Redemption II, Valheim, or Half-Life Alyx for up to 70% off. Good luck gamers!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - GOTY Edition: $59.99 > $29.99 Hades: $24.99 > $12.49 (our review here) Terraria: $9.99 > $4.99 Resident Evil 4: $59.99 > $39.59 Far Cry Franchise Bundle: $274.91 > $54.14 (Includes Games 1-6, New Dawn and Blood Dragon)



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