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AFK Today 9/2/2022


Good afternoon! Now that Gamescom has fully concluded, we have a few things to chat about. Covenant and Team 17 released gameplay for a new RTS game, Back 4 Blood is trying to be relevant again, and can Halo make a comeback? Let’s dive into it.



Back 4 Blood DLC Out Now!

Image credits to Turtle Rock Studios

Not quite living up to Left 4 Dead 2’s legacy, Back 4 Blood faced serious criticism from fans after its release. Luckily, a new DLC called Children of the Worm came out on Wednesday. Fight through cultists armed with guns alongside the usual zombie hordes with new weapons and a new playable character. PCGamer went through the details here. Additional content can be a great way for stagnant games to improve player experience and excitement. Let’s hope a new mini-campaign can bring back some of that original hype for the newest horde-based shooter.


Halo Infinite Revival

Image credits to 343 Industries

What happened to the good old days when you bought a game and actually got the full game. Up until now, Halo Infinite has had a bit of a rocky start and has consistently made fans wait for additional content. Nevertheless, we have some great news for Halo fans. Early Thursday morning, 343 Industries announced that local co-op play will be canceled and its resources focused on other content. The 343 Industries team plans to have a Forge beta and online co-op rolled out with the next major update in November. Now with the Halo Infinite Season 3 delayed until March 2023, this major update could bring back some much needed attention to get the ball rolling again. Will the Halo Infinite Forge be as good as its predecessors? Find out more about the upcoming Halo Infinite News at PCInvasion.


"Gord" Preview: A Dark Fantasy RTS

Image credits to and Team 17

This new style of RTS survival is not for the faint of heart. In the lands of Gord, you’ll face terrifying mythical creatures, make grim decisions and protect your villagers with whatever it takes. Choose the way of survival most suited to you and stand up to evil, or use it to your advantage. Not only do you have to keep your settlers alive, you must also keep their minds well. If the horrors around you are too great to overcome, you will slowly meet a bitter end as your sanity rots away. We do have some recently released Gord Gameplay from Covenant Dev and Team 17 but they have yet to see a set release date. If you're as intrigued as we are, be sure to check out the Gord website for more information.


Game Reviews

Northgard Review Sneak Peek: See How Vikings Do RTS

Real-time strategy games have been an incredibly varied genre within the video game community. Anything from zombie survival, medieval sieges, to space-faring alien empires. Northgard turns the tumultuous and chaotic era of vikings into a unique merge between tile-based building and real-time combat. Even if you aren’t the best at handling the complexities of RTS mechanics, Northgard manages to keep skill expression but allows for lower skill players to have a chance. If you are interested in delving into the freezing, violent lands of Northgard, check out our review of the game by clicking here.



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