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AFK Today 9/22/2023


Get over here and check out the high praise Mortal Kombat 1 is getting! That does come with a caveat though. Its Switch release is filled with graphic glitches and bugs. Read down below for more of our thoughts. With that, we also have news regarding Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how it stays different but familiar for fans of the FF series. Our last bit of news is about Payday 3 and its rocky release. With more gaming news, check out our social media and YouTube channel! See y’all next week!



Mortal Kombat 1 Releases With High Praise (and Switch Issues)

Image credits to NetherRealm Studios

With the reset of the Mortal Kombat universe per the actions of Liu Kang and Shang Tsung in MK11, Mortal Kombat 1 has gone a new direction for many of its classic characters. Previous villains have been converted to somewhat less evil characters, and many relationships such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero being rivals has been shifted as an interesting what if to the plot. Early reviews have a lot of good things to say about the campaign and art direction. The new character arcs are a good mixup to refresh MK’s vitality after so many have been released with rehashed plotlines from earlier entries. The smoothness of the art style fits the combat perfectly, and is one of the best looking combat games on the market. There are a few issues that have popped up from objective and subjective critics. A major issue is that the game apparently runs very poorly on Switch, and many have been saying it should cost much less on Switch simply due to how bad the performance is. Time will tell if that gets patched. Other critics have mixed reactions to the party combat system, where you bring two characters into the fight with one serving as a supporting fighter. That seems mainly up to preference, but let us know what your experiences have been with Mortal Kombat 1 so far.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Image credits to Square Enix

Continuing on the success of the Final Fantasy VII remake, Rebirth will be released as the second game in the three part installment Square Enix is working on. Early reviews have been coming in and it looks like the formula will be relatively the same as the first game in addition to some interesting new combat mechanics. If you would like to know more in-depth details on the changes, check out the IGN preview article here. With the introduction of Sephiroth onto the mainstage of the remake, it will be quite the fun experience seeing how well he translates into the new story-telling style.


Payday 3 Rocky Release

Image credits to Starbreeze Studios

The launch of Payday 3 has been quite the rollercoaster, plagued by thousands of mixed reviews and annoying game bugs that have left fans pretty disappointed. Unfortunately, it seems like the days of getting fully polished games at launch are long gone. The frustration among fans has been growing, especially with the lack of content and online co-op features acting up from time to time. Let's cross our fingers and hope that the game's strengths can outweigh its weaknesses for now.


Game Sales

Steam Weekend Sales

Image credits to Square Enix

This week, the Steam Store has some exciting deals to offer! The Overcooked Franchise is currently available at up to 80% off, and with the Tokyo Game Show 2023 underway, there's a wide range of games to choose from.

Overcooked! 2: $24.99 > $6.24 Resident Evil 4: $59.99 > $39.59 Grounded: $39.99 > $26.79 (our review here) Ori and the Will of the Wisps: $29.99 > $7.49 Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade: $69.99 > $39.89



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