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AFK Today 9/30/2022


Happy Friday! We have some interesting industry news coming from Google, a long awaited update to Terraria, and some mixed feelings about the Overwatch 2 rollout. Then to cap it off, Warner Bros. has a massive Steam Sale going on right now. Let’s get into it.



Google Stadia Services Ending January 18th, 2023

Image credits to Google

Everyone in the gaming community knows about the disastrous traction that Google Stadia got as a cloud-based game-streaming service. That being said, some were hopeful that it might lead to breakthroughs in the industry. This sadly never happened, and the poor sales combined with bad publicity led to Google shutting down the whole platform at the beginning of 2023. All games and hardware purchased through this service will be refunded to the customers per Google’s statements. It seems that Google Stadia was released at the wrong time with a rightfully skeptical audience. Perhaps the next iteration of cloud-based gaming will have a more user-friendly approach so it doesn’t crash and burn like the Stadia.


Terraria Labor of Love Update Dropped September 28th

Image credits to Re-Logic

After all the commotion about the Terraria developers no longer releasing updates for the game, their latest content drop was released earlier this week with a very happy community reception. Major changes include inventory overhauls, boss updates, and big World Seed improvements. It seems like it's always a good time to get back into playing Terraria, especially with such a devoted dev team constantly pumping more free content out. Go check out more details at PCgamer or the Terraria Wiki, and support this amazing indie game if you can.


Overwatch 2 Concerns Before Full Release

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

Overwatch was a unique gaming experience and massive success despite not having many key features that other games use to keep players coming back. The fun factor of the game was simply the smoothness and personality of gameplay. This was enough to keep people playing the game for 6 years with hardly any major changes in game design or additional content. That stagnation did come at a cost, and has made Overwatch players like ourselves skeptical of the new features that Activision Blizzard will be releasing for Overwatch 2. Things like requiring a cell-phone number to play and heavy moderation of voice and text communications don’t sit well with most long-time gamers. This combined with the forever hated practice of artificially locking important characters behind paywalls can only cause damage to the franchise as a whole. We are sure that everyone in the Overwatch community is just as concerned with how the state of the second game will be at launch, so make sure to vocalize your issues in the chance that Blizzard changes their ways for the better. The writers at PCgamer share our sentiments, check out their opinions here.


Game Sales

Steam Warner Bros. Sale

Image credits to Rocksteady Studios

From now until Oct 6th, check out the featured Warner Brothers Publisher sale. If you haven't already, take a look at the Batman Arkham collection or the Shadow Of Mordor series. These are great action-adventure games that will put you through some tough challenges. LEGO fans, you're in luck! From Star Wars to Harry Potter to Batman, the Warner Brothers Publisher Sale has it all.

Batman: Arkham Collection: $59.99 > $8.99 Middle-earth: The Shadow Bundle: $69.99 > $10.49 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: $49.99 > $29.99 The LEGO Games Bundle: $99.99 > $14.99



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