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AFK Today 9/9/2022


Good afternoon! We’ve got some big updates around some big titles this week. A new Assassin’s Creed has been announced, and the initial details look promising in comparison to some of their recent games. Blizzard has been releasing some more information about unlockables in Overwatch 2, and players have mixed feelings. We also found a fun party game that’s being released in the next few months for you and your friends to try! Let’s dive in.



Table-Top Munchkin is Going Digital

Image credits to Dire Wolf

For anyone who has played this gem of a table-top card game, there is great news! A digital version of Munchkins will be releasing this fall for PC, developed by Dire Wolf Studios. For those who have never played it, the main theme is fighting monsters to get loot and levels to fight bigger monsters. As you and your friends race to reach level 10, some of them will help you and some of them will find ways to sabotage you. It all adds up to a great game to play with your buddies, so keep on the lookout for its release soon. For more on this release, click here.


New Assassin's Creed Release: Mirage

Image credits to Ubisoft

Taking place in Baghdad, Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be the next addition to Ubisoft’s massive franchise. For now, the main takeaway is that this game will focus primarily on stealth, returning to its earlier roots. How accurate this statement is will become more clear as details begin to release, but hopefully this game can stray away from some of the disliked features of recent Assassin’s Creed games. More information will be coming out later this week, including announcements about Assassin’s Creed Infinity. Check out more about what we know now by clicking here.


Overwatch 2 News

Image credits to Activision Blizzard

Recently, there have been a few leaks about the development of Overwatch 2 and what's to come. A new hero emerges and possible battle pass updates that had fans upset. As the game transitions to a free-to-play set up, unlockables are bound to change. Somehow, the company has to make its money and in the recent news update Blizzard announced that “With the Season One Premium Battle Pass, you can unlock over 80 tiers of rewards, including Mythic Cyber Demon Genhi, Legendary Hinotori Kirkio, and more. In addition, as a Season One Premium Battle Pass owner, you will automatically receive access to Overwatch’s latest hero, Kirkio!” Blizzard then changed the initial description and said that the information around the battle pass is incomplete. They later stated that the hero could be unlocked through the free tiers on the battle pass and will be accessible by all players. Blizzard seems to be listening to their Overwatch player base which could be a good sign for the future. To find out more about the recent update, click here.


Product Reviews

Top 5 Gaming Keyboards Review

Image credits to Razer

Whether you're looking for a jack of all trades gaming keyboard or maybe something in between, we’ve got you covered. We compiled together the top 5 gaming keyboards to help narrow down your search. Come check out our Top 5 Gaming Keyboards of 2022 review for some great options!



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