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Chivalry 2 Beta with Tenosian Update Review | Castles and Chaos

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


Title: Chivalry 2 Beta (Steam Link, Epic Games Link)

Development Studio: Torn Banner Studios

Genre: Massive Multiplayer, Medieval FPS Combat, Tactical Objective-Based.

Rating: Promising Sequel: Fulfills all the combat fun from the first game and plans on adding even more

Hacking and slashing through castle gates and knights’ limbs become a possibility in this medieval war game. Everything we have seen from the Chivalry 2 beta so far makes for a compelling and enjoyable team-based melee FPS.

144 hours into the game and the armored body count keeps rising. It’s a great time running into a wall of enemies and swinging with reckless abandon, or finding a skilled opponent out on the battlefield to honorably duel.


If this is your first time playing a skill-based fighter, know that Chivalry 2 can be rookie-friendly while also heavily punishing those unwilling to learn. Don’t feel discouraged from playing the game even when fighting tough opponents, the best feeling can come from outplaying better players with a well-timed strike. Chivalry 2 is heavily based on teamwork, and with anywhere from 10-32 players on each side, it can truly show the scale of warfare. Not in the same way as the Battlefield games, but because everything is close-quarters melee, you will see how intimidating a shield wall of knights really is.

Tenosian Faction and Horses Update Post-Review

I didn’t expect much for horses, but they blew me out of the water. Even with a few small bugs to work on, horse combat has completely changed the ebb and flow of the game. When riding horseback, you become much more influential in the way each objective is taken. Archers can no longer shoot out in open fields, as they will quickly get run down by multiple horsemen. Battlelines can only form in small bubbles to avoid being picked out or run over. The sense of paranoia of expecting a lance to come from anywhere is a great shake-up to the game flow.

The new Tenosian faction brings a whole new scenery to Chivalry 2. Vast deserts and white brick castles mark a shifting landscape in the scope of battlefields for this medieval game. Tenosia currently only faces off against the Mason army in 3 new maps, with more certainly on the way. Horse implementation only extends to the Tenosian maps, but will be implemented to all current maps in the near future. I will say that this update is a great sign for the future of Chivalry 2.


While the story of Chivalry 2 does not play a crucial role in its multiplayer format, it is certainly an element that can be followed by anyone interested. The first game featured both factions of Agatha(Blue) and the Mason Order(Red) locked in a brutal civil conflict for control over the kingdom of Agatha. That ended in the death of Feydrid, the steward of Agatha, and the victory by the Mason Order. The second game takes place 20 years after, with Malric, the new leader of the Mason Order and Agathians, ruling with an iron fist over the people. King Argon the Second, heir to the throne of Agatha, seeks to take back the mantle which leads to further conflict. These events can be seen affecting the battlegrounds that the players traverse, with the corpse of Feydrid being a key objective for the Galencourt map.


The combat tutorial does an excellent job showing you how to first use directional and momentum-based combat. But you will have to learn through trial and error what works best for your playstyle. All the weapons feel like they make an impact, either on the enemy's shield or face depending on your aim. The aiming is dependent on where your character is looking, either speeding up or slowing down the attack. There are also 3 separate attack types: stab, slash, and overhead swing. All of these vary based on which weapon is being used.

The objectives in Chivalry 2 are the primary win condition for most maps, making for dynamic team pushes and defense. Some objective points have special interactables such as catapults, ballistae, and traps. Ballistae are my personal favorite for trying to snipe three people with one shot. All of these bring a dangerous battleground to fight through, even for your fellow teammates, which brings us to teamkilling. In most games, team damage is not enabled, but in Chivalry 2 it's a feature. Your weapons deal reduced damage to teammates, though you are still able to down and kill them with multiple blows. Be careful, team damage reduces your overall score and will eventually get you kicked if it happens too much. But if it's for the team, like killing five enemies and one teammate with a well-placed catapult shot, your teammate can forgive you and refund the score reduction.


Chivalry 2 has a good grip on the atmosphere, especially when it comes to showing scale. All of the objective-based maps have long, winding pathways that lead through forests and castles alike. Projectiles such as arrows and catapult rocks can be seen flying by, either by other players or as part of map sequences. These things, added with the wall of blue and red troops clashing, make for cinematic battles that are great to watch from afar. The armor and weapons are customizable, with large selections that can be bought with in-game gold earned through playing the game. The system is pretty generous to allow most players to never spend a penny on cosmetics from what I have seen so far. According to specifications, Chivalry 2 operating requirements recommend at least 8GB of RAM and GTX 660/Radeon 7870. At maximum graphics, it is certainly more graphically demanding than other indie games, requiring upwards of 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1070/AMD RX Vega 56.

Is It Fun?

Because Chivalry 2 is solely based on multiplayer interactions, all of the enjoyment comes from that combative process. Winning or losing, you are probably going to die a lot. I have personally had tons of fun even when getting clobbered by better players, especially when I can single them out in the field and get revenge. The big objective pushes are crazy fun, like when two sides form a line of clashing metal, or when an all-out brawl causes mass confusion. The voice lines and emotes make for great fun as well, letting players taunt their enemies in glorious fashion, or make a buddy to watch the chaos ensue. As always with the multiplayer experience, try to play with a few friends. You can have fun coordinating tactics on the field, or butting heads in a duel if that suits you better.

Should You Buy It?

Chivalry 2 is in beta but plays smoothly and feels great to pick up and play. If you want a game that focuses on medieval-inspired combat, with large-scale battles to boot, this game is a good purchase. Single-player is not currently part of the game, so note that if it is something you have to have. Because this is a beta, look out for huge changes in the future, as they are constantly adding major quality of life and content updates.


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