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Dark and Darker: Warlock Sneak Peek


Image credits to Ironmace

As many of us know, Dark and Darker has been under fire with constant legal battles over the last year. The biggest downside to this is the status of the game itself is rather limited. We know the game has been pushed back several times and taken down off the steam market due to those legal allegations. In the meantime, what was once a bittersweet moment is now turning into a sliver of hope. Earlier today, Dark and Darker released an updated video on the Warlock character. The Warlock First Look hosts a feature of battle combos, passive stats, armor and much more.



So far, the armor set looks awesome and the spell casting makes it even more intriguing. Let's hope that someday, we get to fully experience the game for what it is. We cannot wait to battle it out in the monster infested dungeons. What do you guys think? Comment your thoughts below and let us know.


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