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Top 5 Gaming Mice of 2022


You may be thinking this is just another Top 5 review that nitpicks at every minor detail and imperfection. So many reviewers make these kinds of articles but fail to tell us what we actually want to know. Is the product good, or is it bad? Good news is, we’re here to tell you just that. We're ditching the rating system and the publisher bias. We’ve done the research for you and picked out what we feel are the top gaming mice to consider for your setup. Let's get started!


Best Razer Gaming Mouse: Razer Basilisk V3: $69.99

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Image credits to Razer

Features: 10+1 Programmable Buttons, Razer HyperScroll Tilt Wheel, 11 Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones, Wired, 26K DPI, Right-Handed, 2nd-gen Razer Optical Switch, IPS 650,

The Razer Basilisk V3 is one of the best gaming mice Razer has to offer. With 11 programmable buttons and RGB personalization, you’re guaranteed to get a solid experience. It features a low click latency and prime sensor performance all for the low price of $69.99. The Basilisk V3 is a great choice for anyone and for the RGB lovers out there, the lighting zones are fully customizable. One feature we would like to point out is the Hyper-Scroll tilt wheel. With the Razer Synapse software, you can take advantage of the Smart-Reel function that automatically chooses how quick you need to scroll. The software will detect when you need to scroll faster and automatically adjust to enhance your experience. On top of that, we have the additional 5 programmable functions within the scroll wheel.

Is it good?: The Razer Basilisk V3 is a great all around gaming mouse. It's comfortable, built solid and has loads of features. If you’re looking to stay with Razer for your set up, the Basilisk V3 gets our stamp of approval.


Best Corsair Gaming Mouse: Corsair Nightsword RGB: $89.99

Image credits to Corsair

Features: 18K DPI, Optical Sensor, 400 IPS, Smart tuning weight, Dynamic RGB lighting control, NVIDIA Reflex, 10 Programmable Buttons, Wired, Right-Handed,

The Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse is match made in heaven for the adjustable weight users out there. The provided weights come in a neat little carrying case and can upgrade your mouse weight from 119 grams to 141 grams. There are two separate weight sizes, 3 - 2.8g, and 3 - 4.5g which are fully integrated into the Corsair software. Within the software, you can visualize your weight layout as well as real time center of gravity positioning. As for diversity, the Nightsword has 10 programmable buttons and intuitive RGB lighting software which can sync with other Corsair products. An additional sniper button is also provided to help lower the sensitivity for FPS shooters.

Is it good: If you like a solid gaming mouse and love the weight tuning function, this mouse is a perfect fit for you. It offers a nice programmable RGB software along with the weight tuning feature which can increase your mouse weight to almost 5 oz. The side grips feel nice, it's built sturdy and has Nvidia Reflex for low mouse latency. It frequently goes on sale for around $70 which is a great deal if you can find it.


Best Logitech Gaming Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero: $79.99

Image credits to Logitech

Features: Ultra low click latency, 25k DPI, 400 IPS Max speed, Up to 5 onboard memory profiles, 1 RGB Lighting zone, 11 Programmable Buttons, Tunable Weight, Thumb rest

With Logitech, the reliability and premium parts offered with the G502 hero won't leave you disappointed. Included are 5 - 3.6g weights that you can interchange to your liking. Logitech offers plenty of programmable buttons along with their signature Hyperscrolling and side click scroll wheel. One key feature to point out is the HERO 25K sensor which is one of the quickest around, offering extremely consistent responsiveness. On the down side, RGB lovers may not be as interested. Lightsync RGB can be used but only to optimize the 1 RGB lighting zone. All that aside, this mouse is a solid choice for any gamer out there and also comes in a sleek KDA color style.

Is it good? The Logitech G502 Hero is one of the best gaming mice that Logitech has to offer. Although it might be a bit bulky compared to its competitors, its specs and features greatly make up for it. Having the multi directional tunable weight is awesome and the programmable buttons feel like they're just in the right place.


Best SteelSeries Gaming Mouse: Rival 5: $59.99

Image credits to SteelSeries

Features: 9 programmable buttons (5 quick action side buttons), 10-Zone RGB (PrismSync Lighting), TrueMove Air Sensor, 18K CPI, 400 IPS, Tilt Tracking, Golden Micro IP54 Switches, Super Mesh Cable

The SteelSeries Rival 5 is a great mouse. It's comfortable, lightweight and has a ton of features. Out of the 9 programmable buttons, 5 are located on the side including the up/down toggle switch making it great for any type of game. The TrueMove Air sensor gives true 1-to-1 tracking making each movement precisely as it was intended to be. We have a PrismSync lightning system that includes 10 zones that are customized in the SteelSeries software for the RGB fans out there. In the end, we have a very low click latency and a nice CPI range to work with.

Is it good? The Rival 5 is a well built gaming mouse and the features included make the price point well worth it. We have loads of customization features and the side button system works great for MMO, MOBA and FPS players. The Next-Gen Golden switches feature upgraded dust and water resistance to provide consistent quality for the toughest gaming conditions.


Best Budget Gaming Mouse: Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED: $49.99

Image credits to Logitech

Features: Non-Rechargeable (AA Battery Required), 1ms response time, Wireless, 12k DPI, 6 programmable buttons, 6 color choices, 250-hour battery life. 2.4GHz USB dongle

Being a budget wireless gaming mouse, there are some features we skip out on like weight customization, RGB and Bluetooth. It connects via USB receiver yet brings a speedy 1 ms response time. Alongside the AA battery compartment is a nifty storage housing for the USB dongle to help prevent you from losing it. We do have 6 programmable buttons and a nice 12K max DPI which can be customized within the Logitech software. With the Logitech Hero Sensor, LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology and Mechanical button tensioning, the performance is great and you can expect this mouse to get the job done.

Is it good? Let's be honest, it's a budget gaming mouse. At this point, we want something that brings the best performance for a low price. The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED does just that and with its ultra low click latency and Hero Sensor, you can't go wrong. Although it may be a bit heavy and a little small for some people, it feels extremely well built and feels great. What more could you ask for?


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