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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Review | Wacky Warfare


Developers: Landfall Games

Free DLCs: Bug DLC, Map Builder DLC

Genre: Indie, Single player, Limited Multiplayer, Sandbox, War Strategy, Comedic.

Rating: Personality Through the Roof: Niche genre, still a blast to mess around in.

If you ever wanted to make historical warriors fight like the wacky inflatable tube arm men in front of car dealerships, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator(TABS for short) might be a game worth looking into.

TABS has no story, but the quality gameplay will keep you coming back. I had greatly anticipated the release of TABS in 2019, and I can confidently say it lived up to the hype.


Big battlefields combine with a massive variety of units to fill them. Swordsmen, musketeers, tanks, mages, demons, all types of combatants can be placed on the field to duke it out in a hilarious brawl. Starting out, you have limited access to all the units, though still a large selection. Play through the main campaign, trying to beat increasingly difficult battles and unlocking new factions of troops to use. Finding and completing secrets will give you even more crazy units to mess around with. There is also a character and map creator to customize your own army and battlefield to fit whatever type of scenario you want.


TABS is a strategy battle simulator consisting of units with varying abilities for you to place on a battlefield to fight an opposing force. Each unit costs a certain amount of points from a total, limiting the amount of units you can use and promoting strategic combinations of troops. The health, damage, and unique abilities of each separate unit type determines its cost to use. At the most basic level, a rock thrower unit costs very little, dies easily, but has a ranged attack. On the other hand, a knight will have high defense, charge at enemies, but costs much more.

TABS goes beyond just a rock beats paper battle mentality though, due to the hilarious physics engine it runs on. For example, a musketeer might miss a shot due to how well they hold onto their rifle, or because their enemy tripped and fell on their face right before it landed. Your army will dogpile enemies, push through them, or just have a funny slap fight if their swings don’t land. Strategy does still play an important role in winning fights, and you will have to determine which abilities are the most useful when fighting certain groups.Just look at the flag bearers, which don’t attack but instead tell other units to stay put, allowing strategic positioning of ranged units.

You will find that TABS has a vast amount of variation in its units, and even more so with the free content updates that allow players to create their own units and maps. They even added a multiplayer quick match so you can test out the best against the best. TABS leaves the imagination up to you to decide how best to win, or how funny to lose.


If you have played any of Landfall’s Totally Accurate games, you will know that personality shines in all of their designs. The quirky, janky movements of the oblong character models combined with surprisingly sleek animations and physics makes for wonderfully fun visuals. Seeing a googly-eyed caveman try to club a viking while they flail about is as amazing as it sounds. All the colors in the game are vibrant and every design seems like it was meant to be in a wonky beat-em-up battle. As for PC requirements, it is a physics simulator, so you might have some troubles loading when huge amounts of units are on screen using flashy abilities. But even with 8GB of ram you should have a fairly smooth time playing the whole game so long as you aren’t filling the whole field with troops.

Is It Fun?

TABS is the definition of a fun-focused game. Everything is about over-the-top designs and breaking the rule of cool. So long as you enjoy the battle simulator genre or just fancy the outlandish design of TABS, it will be replayable and fun for years to come. Just think of a great movie battle scene you want to recreate and TABS is a great source of imagination. There are so many options to play out, it's up to you to create it.

Should You Buy It?

Landfall is a quality development studio, constantly making free content for their games and asking for nothing in return. I personally like to support companies that exhibit such positive traits, so the $20 price combined with a fantastic niche style is worth it. If that isn’t your thing, TABS is also an amazing indie battle simulator.


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